The Forgotten Vitamin That's Essential for Strong Bones

Do you want to know the best calcium vitamins for strong bones? We know that getting enough calcium is essential for keeping our bones healthy as we age. Keep reading to learn what we found to be the very best calcium vitamins.

Best Calcium Vitamins

If you are looking for the best Calcium Vitamins on the market, look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss the top 3 Calcium Vitamins that are available. These vitamins are sure to help you get the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and strong!

How we Choose the Top Calcium Vitamins

A lot of people don't get enough calcium in their diets, which can lead to health problems down the road.

Most people know that they should be taking a calcium supplement, but it's hard to know which one is best. There are so many different brands and types of calcium supplements out there, it's tough to figure out which one is right for you.

We did the research for you and found the top 3 Calcium Vitamins on the market today. Our list includes supplements from well-known brands like Naturelo, as well as some lesser-known brands that offer great products.

Great Value! 

NATURELO Bone Strength - Plant-Based Calcium

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Why it Made the List:

It's hard to get enough calcium in your diet, and even if you are, you're probably not getting all the other nutrients you need for strong bones.

You know that you need to eat calcium to keep your bones healthy, but it can be hard to find a good source of plant-based calcium. And even if you do manage to get enough calcium, you're probably not getting all the other bone-strengthening nutrients you need.

NATURELO Bone Strength supplement provides 1200mg of plant-based calcium from marine algae and delivers 10 essential vitamins and minerals needed for healthy bones, including vitamin D3, magnesium, zinc and vitamin C. This vegan formula is gluten free, soy free, non GMO and has no artificial flavors or sweeteners.

Did You Know?

Worried about your bone health?

You’re not alone. Millions of people are looking for ways to improve their bone density and support their overall health. That’s where NATURELO Bone Strength comes in – a plant-based calcium supplement that helps keep bones healthy and strong.

Not only does this product have a clean label, it’s also vegan and vegetarian friendly. Plus, it doesn’t contain any GMOs, soy, gluten, yeast, dairy, eggs, nuts or caffeine. So you can feel good about taking it every day.

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Best of the Best!

AlgaeCal - Calcium Supplement

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Why it Made the List:

You know you need to take a calcium supplement, but it's hard to know which one is best.

It seems like every other day a new study comes out touting the health benefits of taking a calcium supplement. But with so many choices on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

AlgaeCal is the best calcium supplement on the market because it's derived from an algae that naturally contains all 13 essential bone-supporting minerals. AlgaeCal has been shown in clinical studies to increase bone density and reduce fracture risk.

Did You Know?

Are you looking for a new way to get your daily dose of calcium?

AlgaeCal is not only a clinically supported way to get your daily dose of calcium, but it’s also a sustainable superfood. The algae are hand-harvested from pristine beaches in South America and milled down to powder with zero chemicals or additives - just pure whole-food from a living plant.

You can feel good about taking AlgaeCal because it’s not only good for your bones, but it’s also good for the environment. Plus, every serving contains nutrient combo that can help keep healthy bones for life.

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Amazon's Choice! 

Garden of Life Raw Calcium Supplement

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Why it Made the List:

You're probably not getting enough calcium.

Most people think that if they're eating a balanced diet, they don't need to worry about taking a calcium supplement. But the truth is that many people aren't getting enough of this essential mineral from their food alone.

Garden of Life's Raw Calcium supplement is an all-natural way to make sure you're getting the calcium your body needs. AlgaeCal, their certified organic plant-based calcium, contains all 13 of the minerals clinically shown to build stronger bones.

Did You Know?

Struggling to get your daily dose of calcium?

Garden of Life has the solution for you – this Raw Calcium supplement! This product is packed with live probiotics and digestive enzymes to help support absorption and healthy digestion.

Not only will this supplement give you the calcium you need, but it will also provide a Raw Probiotic and Enzyme blend with hardy strains like L. bulgaricus, and digestive enzymes like Lipase and Protease, to help support absorption and healthy digestion. You won’t find anything better on the market today.

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Calcium Vitamins FAQs

You're probably wondering if calcium vitamins are even worth your time.

With all of the conflicting information out there, it's hard to know what you should be taking and why.

Lucky for you, we've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about calcium vitamins so that you can make an informed decision.

What are Calcium Vitamins?

Calcium vitamins are a type of supplement that contains calcium. The main purpose of calcium vitamins is to help increase your calcium levels, which can be beneficial for your bones and teeth. Additionally, calcium vitamins may also provide other health benefits such as reducing the risk of certain diseases.

Who should take Calcium Vitamins?

There are a few different groups of people who may benefit from taking calcium supplements. Firstly, those who have trouble meeting their daily calcium requirements – either because they don't eat enough dairy or don't get enough sunlight – may find that supplements help them reach the level they need. Secondly, athletes or people who exercise regularly may find that taking extra calcium helps to prevent cramps and restore electrolytes lost through sweat. Finally, elderly people are at risk of osteoporosis, and so taking a supplement can help to keep their bones healthy and strong.

Are there side effects to Calcium Supplements?

The most common side effects of calcium supplements are gastrointestinal symptoms, such as constipation, belching, flatulence, and abdominal pain. Calcium carbonate is the most commonly taken form of calcium supplement and is associated with these gastrointestinal symptoms to a greater extent than other forms of calcium supplements.

Other potential side effects of calcium supplements include kidney stones and cardiovascular events. However, these side effects are rare. Most people can take calcium supplements without any problems.

What are the risks of having too little calcium?

There are a few risks associated with having too little calcium in your diet. One is that you may be more susceptible to fractures, because low levels of calcium can weaken bones. Another is that you may be at increased risk for developing cardiovascular disease and kidney stones. So it's important to make sure you're getting enough calcium every day, through foods like dairy products and leafy green vegetables, or through a calcium supplement if needed.

Which calcium supplement is best absorbed in the body?

The best calcium supplement to take is one that is absorbed by the body easily. Some supplements are absorbed better than others.

One good way to determine how well a calcium supplement is absorbed is by how much of it is actually excreted in the urine. If a lot of the calcium supplement is being excreted, then it's probably not being very well absorbed by the body.

There are a few different factors that can affect how well a calcium supplement is absorbed, including: the type of calcium salt used in the supplement, how soluble the calcium salt is, and whether or not the vitamin D present in the supplement helps with absorption.

If I drink milk don't I get enough Calcium?

You're probably familiar with the importance of calcium for strong bones, but you might not know all there is to know about this mineral.

A lot of people are confused about calcium and its role in bone health. Some people think that if they get enough calcium from their diet, they don't need to take a supplement. Others think that because they don't eat dairy, they can't get enough calcium.

The truth is, it's important to have both dietary and supplemental sources of calcium. And contrary to popular belief, you don't need to consume large amounts of dairy products to meet your daily calcium needs. In fact, many people find that consuming excessive amounts of dairy can actually be harmful to their health.